BikeAway Testimonials


We have found the product to be very reliable, secure and cost effective. The service provided by the company has been first rate’
Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council

‘Easy to use and their small footprint and pleasing design has certainly made it easier to find locations to put them’
Birmingham International Airport

‘I am confident that we made the correct choice in choosing BikeAway compared to other competitors’
Ealing Council

‘We were particularly impressed with the ingenious design of the locking system’
Kingsbridge Community College

row of cycle lockers from BikeAway
Row of BikeAway Lockers
BikeAway is a Specialist supplier
of vertical stands and lockers since 2001
all our products are made to order
Cycle storage solutions for almost every location
Inside of single locker
Each vertical cycle lockers holds one
bicycle in an upright position
more than 10,000 lockers in the UK and Ireland
BikeAway lockers offer a space saving, secure and user friendly solution

Locker Security


At BikeAway, we always strive to offer exceptional value for money. To make projects sustainable, the security of our lockers is paramount. During our time installing and managing lockers, only a tiny proportion of our lockers have been subject to vandalism or break ins. This has actually reduced over the years because, although we have more lockers in use, every incident of damage is taken very seriously and design improvements made to counteract assaults. Improvements to our design over the last 12 years include increasing the number of rivets attaching the panels together, using strengthening door ties to provide an inner frame and making wrenching the door or sides apart almost impossible and the addition of a stainless steel lock guard to further protect our already robust lock.

The strength of our lockers is backed up independently by our ‘Warrior’ having been awarded Sold Secure Cycle Gold, the highest accolade in cycle parking.


Bicycle logo on red ground


BikeAway offers a Locker Management service to oversee the use of lockers by cyclists. This is purely optional, but is proving very popular as it makes any investment sustainable.

We offer a dedicated website giving a user friendly way for a cyclist to check if a locker is available on a particular site and to contact us about it. Please have a look at ‘rent a locker’ to see how easy it is to use. 

The service has a proven track record as we already manage over 1,500 lockers, many on housing estates within London boroughs, as well as in many railway stations and at park and rides.

  • The scheme works by placing the onus for management be on the cyclist and not the housing association or council. This assists the community in taking responsibility for something that they use and reduces the incidence of vandalism.

  • The cyclist is charged an annual fee plus a refundable deposit for the key. For this, we organise delivery of keys and maintain the lockers, not only against wear and tear, but also against vandalism.

  • BikeAway will only undertake management of heavy duty lockers with 2mm thick doors and door ties and lockers provided by other manufacturers cannot be managed under this scheme.

BikeAway offers this service to compliment our locker sales. It is not something that we are looking to make a significant profit on, but aim to cover the administration involved with a small surplus to go towards potential maintenance.

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