Extras for your BikeAway Products

BikeAway Security Chain – Part No: FS8

BikeAway Security Chain

A strong chain well suited to securing your bike.

BikeAway Chain & Holder – Part No: FS7

BikeAway Chain and Holder

Matching BikeAway chain and holder (to bolt to wall).

BikeAway Padlock – Part No: FS10

Padlock from BikeAway

A robust 75mm stainless steel disc padlock.

Coloured Back Panel – Standard colours

Coloured Back Panel

For purchase with our lockers, improving their all round appearance.

Extended Back Panel


Adds 100mm depth to BikeAway lockers to suit oversize bicycles.

Strengthening Tie Bars

Strengthening Tie Bars

2mm tie bars fitted within the locker door for strength and extra security.

High Visibility Jacket

High Visibility Jacket

Hi Visibility Jacket with BikeAway logo on the back.

Door Kick Plate

Door Kick Plate

Covers gap at base of door as an additional security measure.

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