BikeAway Standard Locker

Assembled on site in rows of at least two.

The BikeAway Standard Locker is a robust vertical cycle locker suitable for gated courtyards and private areas.


  • The overall structure derives further strength from the way the units are attached together, making any row, in effect, 1 very strong structure.
  • These lockers can be installed on any hard standing and, due to having adjustable legs (a feature unique to BikeAway), can be installed on most uneven and sloping surfaces, yet still remain vertical and true to produce a smart finish every time.
  • Choice of Key Lock or Dual Operated Lock (to which BikeAway has copyright) which has been designed to be used with a disc padlock; includes an override which can be used to open the locker if the padlock key has been lost.
  • Available in our standard colours of British Racing Green or Oxford Blue. End panels and doors are polyester paint finished. All other surfaces have galvanised finish unless otherwise specified. If other colours are required, please contact us.
  • Can normally be installed within 4-6 weeks of order

Additional Features for BikeAway Locker which has been Specially Designed to Help Station Operators meet Transport Security Requirements:

  • Dual Operated Lock
  • Strengthening Tie Bars providing inner door frame
  • Kick plate on base of door
  • Punched Hole Daisy Pattern – 1 in the door and 4 on each side panel allow torchlight to be used to examine contents. Daisy patterns on the sides all line up for full row inspection.
  • The backing plate is omitted on the punched cycle emblem to allow a further view point


Price on application

Free delivery & installation for 10+.

BikeAway Cycle Motif

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