Into the Dragons’ Den…

Jason Hamlyn on Dragons’ Den, August 2017, pitching BikeAway WARRIOR to the Dragons’.

Why did I go on Dragons’ Den?

I genuinely went on Dragons’ Den with the idea of getting a partner; and I was hoping that the Dragons’ – one or maybe all of them would have got a 50 percent share in the company.

The reason I wanted to get a 50 percent share in the company is, I felt I needed them to have an active role.

The product, the WARRIOR locker, needs promoting throughout the UK. I need a hand with government tenders and it’s got tremendous export potential and I really believe the Dragon’s could help with this.

Unfortunately, I think the valuation I had on the evaluation on the company and they believed my evaluation on the company, were two total different figures and it just made doing a deal with the Dragons’ as bad as doing a Brexit deal with Europe!

I would just like to take a few minutes of your time to explain to you why I believe the WARRIOR is so important for the future of cycling within the UK.

Whats happened in cycling in the UK in recent years is the value of bikes being ridden on the road has gone up quite considerably. 2-3 years ago people were riding bikes worth £300-400. Some of the bikes that are being ridden to work now –  it’s £3 or £4,000!

The most important thing about the WARRIOR is its security standard.

Secured By Design have now allowed an organisation called Sold Secure to do an attack standard for the industry and the advantage of Sold Secure, is it is widely recognised within the cycle industry.

And so when you come to get insurance, if you’ve got Sold Secure standard, then it’s very easy for the cyclist to get this.

With the building industry LPS1175. They were only asked to do Security Rating One. Which is their lowest attack standard. So more of a deterrent. The attack time and the tools with Level One LPS1175 is a crowbar 300 mm long and the attack time is for one minute.

With the Sold Secure Gold the attack standard –  the crowbar is 600 mm long. They also use a lump hammer and a bolster, and the attack time is for five minutes, so that is a much higher rating. And this is why the insurance companies actually recognise Sold Secure…as the standard for secure cycle parking, which is very important if you have got the very expensive bike.

This is incredibly important to cyclists, but the good news for anybody wanting to put this into a cycle scheme is that you can charge people.

The WARRIOR really is good value for money, whether you’re doing a residential development, whether it’s a transport hub, a place of work or even a hotel encouraging cycling to a city because it’s got such good quality cycle parking the cyclist is more than happy to pay, which means you can get your money back and it works very well with more traditional cycle parking as well.

If you store a bike horizontally you need a lot of space to remove the bike from the stand. However, if you store the bike vertically, because you are bringing the bike out on its back wheel, you can turn the bike and this saves a tremendous amount of space for storing a lot of bikes.

BikeAway also offers a management service and this is where by we rent the locker to the cyclist, (not to the owner of the locker) and this is where they can go online and they can book an individual locker – very popular within housing associations – railway stations and we can actually maintain and look after the locker.

Also, we can recoup the value of the locker back from from the rental. This is very, very popular because it also enables the whole cycle parking system to be completely sustainable. So indeed, if you would like to hear about the management system – or the locker or what BikeAway can offer for you please feel free to give us a call and I look forward to hearing from you.