Outstanding Security Performance Awards 2018

UK OSPAs 2018 Finalists Announced

BikeAway is finalist for the Outstanding Security Equipment Manufacturer

Outstanding Security Performance Awards 2018

Since the introduction of Secure Cycle Parking LPS1175 level 1 back in 2010, BikeAway has recognised a shortfall in this security level for more expensive bikes that are now sold in many specialise bike shops which have open in the last 5 years.

LPS1175 level 1 requires an attack standard of a 300mm jemmy bar used within an attack time of 1 minute.

Eight years ago, an expensive bike would have been £200- £400; now an entry level mountain bike can be over £1000 and with an expensive bike costing in the region of £4000-£6000.

There has also been a massive increase in E-bike sales (electric bikes) – this is been seen throughout the whole of Europe.

BikeAway has looked to the insurance industry who recognise and value Sold Secure accredited products – now also recognised by Secured by Design. This has raised the bar for product design as Sold Secure have Bronze, Silver and Gold security levels – of which their Bicycle Gold is the highest attack standard.

The Warrior locker was designed with level Gold in mind and it is the only bike locker to achieve this. The attack standard for Gold involves using a 600mm jemmy bar, lump hammer and bolster with an attack time of 5 minutes.

To be successful, Warrior not only had to have the Gold Standard but also needed to be a simple design, made for reliability and to be affordable to developers, councils etc. It is important that the locker take up the smallest amount of space both in its foot print and in the access space in front of the door. It is also essential that expensive bikes can be supported with no metal to metal contact and storing the bike is easy and quick to do.

The other requirement for any secure cycle parking system is it needs to be completely sustainable and this is why BikeAway developed our Locker Management Service whereby the cyclist is charged a nominal fee per year to use the locker – this also covers all maintenance keeping the lockers in full working order.

Bikeaway can also grow this scheme as demand increases – cyclist have no issue in paying for secure cycle parking because in many cases they can save this cost in the insurance they pay.

A dedicated web site has been created for cycle management: www.cyclemanagement.co.uk .The map shows pegs representing groups of lockers managed in any one area. The locations range from railway stations in Dublin, to Park & Rides in Devon and social housing in London. As lockers are rented on this site, the web page alters so it is always completely up to date – this also reduces administration costs dramatically. Each red peg is a set of lockers completely utilised and being used daily by a commuting cyclists. With Secure by Design’s help, I am hoping to extend these managed lockers to locations all over the UK and Ireland and Europe.

Outstanding Security Equipment Manufacturer – Finalists 2018 

BikeAway    |    Brisant Secure    |    Frontier Pitts    |    Gallagher Security    |    GJD Manufacturing

Insafe International    |    StaySafe    |    Tensor    |    Verint System    |     Vismo


WARRIOR - The Secure Cycle Locker


The BikeAway WARRIOR keeps your cycle safe from both theft and the elements. Ideal for overnight storage at home or medium to long term parking at work. Awarded Sold Secure “Bicycle Gold” in 2016, it satisfies the highest approval standard found on most insurers “approved” list of security devices (without needing fiddly locks and chains within).
Each locker fits one cycle with associated riding kit.

Sold Secure - Bicycle Gold